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Disk Dr. Neck Device NG20-M

A choice product by people who suffer from stiff and painful neck! Everybody will like it as it is easy to wear!

Content:Traction Belt + Chin Collar, Hand Pump, Laundry Bag
Material:Inner face - Cotton, Outer Face - Polyurethane coating on cotton fabric, Pump - Plastic and others
Color: Red - White - Traction Belt - White + Blue - Pump - Grey
Weight:Belt (Based on S size) 332g, Pump 250g
Effects: Treatment for Bulging Disc, Herniated Discs, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica, Spondylolysis, Lumbar Acute, Chronic Sprain

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- An Ideal choice for people who suffer from stiff neck and cervicalgia Experience the relief of the pain in the neck and shoulder by using the productfor 20 ~ 30 minutes twice a day. Disk Dr's powerful traction will expand the distances the neck bones vertically and reduce pressure on each vertebra.
- Be relaxed along the spine shape The product will give comfortable support that fits in for the shape of the cervical vertebrae.
- Overcoming back pain without surgical operation The VAP technology of the Changeui Medical produces traction force on the cervical vertebra from 1 to 7, easing the pressure imposed on each vertebra and producing space between the intervertebral discs to soothe pain.

The Disk Dr. NG20-M is a revolutionary approach in treating neck pain.  The lightweight and easy to use ambulatory traction collar helps to reduce pressure within the cervical spine using an innovative longitudinal expansion system.  The expandable Cervical Traction Collar (rear section), along with the Fixed Chin Collar (front section), reduces disc pressure within the cervical spine effectively eliminating pain.
Product Construction and How to Use
Disk Dr. Neck represents a new concept in the treatment of (the) herniated cervical disc. The longitudinal expansion of the traction belt placed in the rear section is a revolutionary mechanism that greatly relieves pain and aids patient recovery. The ergonomically designed chin collar provides comfort and (strong) support for the patient and the one touch velcro-type fasteners on both sides of the traction belt make the Disk Dr. Neck easy for anyone to use and operate unaided. Disk Dr. Neck complements other treatment programmes and helps speed patient recovery.
Wearing method:
1- Ensure that the traction belt is completely deflated. If there should be some air left,remove air by rotating the Air Release Screw counterclockwise. Then rotate the Air Release Screw clockwise before air injection.
2- Attach the one face of the Belt Adhesive Side to the one face of the Support Adhesive Side.(Air injection Nozzle should face down)
3- Put your  chin on the Chin Pad of the Neck support.
(you are recommended to put a handkerchief or towel on the chin pad to absorb perspiration).
4- Attach the other face of the belt adhesive side to the other face of the Support  Adhesive Side.(It looks like wearing Disk Dr. for neck around your neck.)
5-Confirm whether the Air  Release Screw of the Air Injection nozzle is tight and then link the Air Injection Tongs  with the Air  Release Screw.
6- Grab the head of the pump with one hand and the Pump Handle with the other hand. Then,push and pull the pump handle repeatedly  to inflate the traction belt.
7- As air is injected, the traction belt will expand upward and downward.You will feel tightening around your neck.
8- By pushing the Air Injection Tongs, remove it from the Air Injection Nozzle.
9- To unbind the traction belt, be sure to release air where the traction belt is around your neck, so that it may not be rolled up. To release air,rotate the Air Release Screw slightly counterclockwise.(you can also release air by depressing the pin in the air release screw).




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