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Disk Dr. Waist Device WG50 Double

Now it features advanced functions. 125% Stronger Traction Power. Powerful air pillars will make your back straighten up.

Content:Hand pump + Traction Belt + Laundry Bag + User Manual
Material:Inner face - Cotton, Outer Face - Polyurethane coating on cotton fabric, Pump - Plastic and others
Color: Red - White - Traction Belt - White + Blue - Pump - Grey
Weight:Belt (Based on S Size) 360g, Pump 250g
Effects: Treatment for Bulging Disc, Herinated Disc, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica, Spondylolysis, Lumbar Acute, Chronic Sprain

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- 125% Stronger Traction Power

This is a product with strong traction and board support range using the Disk Dr's VAP technology; it is designedas an intensive care model in the Disk Dr. series, which is intended for patients with chronic or severe low back pain.
- The effects were approved through clinical tests.
Clinical tests carried out at the University of Inje Medical School in Korea approved Disk Dr.'s traction effects. The clinical report showed that 90.5% of the subjects experienced pain relief.
- Overcoming back pain without surgical operation
The VAP technology of Changeui Medical produces traction force on the lumbar section from L1 to L5, easing the pressure imposed on each vertebra and producing space between the intervertebral discs up to 3 mm to soothe pain.


Product Construction and How to Use

The Double Disk Dr. is designed to have double effect on the patient for the treatment of the disc.It is recommended for the patients who are suffering from severe disc.
Wearing Method:
1- Before use,make sure that the device is completely deflated by turning air valve counterclockwise to release air.After device is completely deflated,return valve to locked position by turning valve clockwise until the valve is fully tightened.
2- Place device around your abdomen, underneath your ribcage and above your hip and pelvic bines,with the Disk Dr.logo in the upright position and lined up with the center or the abdomen.
3- Put on the lower part of belt first,then the upper part of belt .The device should
be fastened around the waist fairly,however not too tight.
4- To connect the hand air pump valve to the device air valve, open the spring loaded clamp by pushing the clamp arms together, insert the tongs of the hand air pump valve into the designated grove of the device air valve and securely place hand pump air valve over the device air valve.

5- Proceed to inflate device by moving the handle up and down repeatedly until the belt is inflated completely or until the needle in the air pressure gauge moves into the green-yellow areas(10/14 psi). Caution:Do not allow needle to exceed into the red area of the air pressure

gauge.By doing so can damage device.
6- Remove hand air pump valve from the device,the device is ready to wear.Prior to removing the device from your body,you MUST first release the air from the device by turning the air valve counterclockwise to release air.

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